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Rolled the Dice, Won Twice

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Rolled the Dice, Won Twice

Hi All,


Due to a few changing circumstances, where I won't need to worry about a mortgage until at least a year from now, and possibly even longer, I decided to go ahead with a couple more apps yesterday.  EQ 652,  down from 672 in early September, before my August app spree reported. TU 671, down from 696.  Total CL was $10.2K


Applied and approved for:


USAA AMEX  $2K pulled EQ ( 23.99%, but that's OK, I usually PIF)  Also have USAA Visa $3K approved 2/12, and USAA MC $4K approved 8/12. Have $2.7K balance on MC to pay income tax, will be paid off by year end. BTW, I have been a full member at USAA since 1998, always with auto ins. and a perfect payment record, so that could have factored in to their approvals. I only recently opened a checking & savings with them.


CareCredit $800 pulled TU - My Walmart started in Aug. with $400 and my Amazon started in Aug. with $600. Will try for phone-in CLI on both of those in November.


Total CL now $13K.  AAoA showing as 1 year, thanks to a couple of older closed accounts.


I have also been added as AU on a FIA MC $9.6K dated from 1988 - 24 years, with a perfect payment record to boot!  It's not reporting yet, but I expect that will help pull AAoA back to around 3 years. So that combined with the lower UTL % should way more than offset the hit for the 2 inquiries. Once that reports, and the balance on my USAA MC is paid off, I expect that will put me near 700.


My thanks again to all who contribute to this forum - I'd have never made it this far so quickly without the knowledge and experience you all so freely share!





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Re: Rolled the Dice, Won Twice


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