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Roundabout Chase CLI..

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Roundabout Chase CLI..

OK, a few weeks back I call Chase to see if I can get a CLI on my Rewards card. I have a CL of 3500 and opened the card in March.

Im trying to schmooze and talk my way into one but the CR isn't really biting , I'm asking if we can go on acct history, soft pull , whatever to try to get one w/o a hard pull.

Finally after she says let me talk to my supervisor she comes back on and says " I can give you another card for 2000cl with no pull, is that ok ?"

I say sure , I'll take it.

The next day I call and product change my Rewards to a Freedom and wait for it to come.

It arrives today and I call to activate it. The CR says I notice that you have a new card coming out to you, I say yeah and tell her the story, she suggests we combine the cards now to give me the CLI I was originally looking for. It's now 5500.

So the short of it is I got what I wanted just in a roundabout way.


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Re: Roundabout Chase CLI..

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Bartender, bring another round of FICOtinis please!

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