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Routing suggestions needed for MR points

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Routing suggestions needed for MR points

Booking is still a little while out but I’m trying to nail down the routing so I can make a itinerary for the wedding/honeymoon and finally be done with all the planning involved.

I have around 250K MR points, with around 10K pending so 260K ish.

I want to book 2 RT tickets to DPS (Bali).
Would like to fly business or first.

Ive been saving my miles for a while now so that the flights don't cost us anything. We are looking to stay for a month since It's our honeymoon.

Since we are getting married in the Caribbean, I basically can pick a return flight to any airport in the USA to depart from.
I've been looking at ORD since ANA seems to have good availability there and its a an hour flight home & flight is cheap.
Is there a better departure airport to look at ?

Whats the best routing to get to DPS that balances miles with timing ?
I don't mind paying cash for a connecting flight to save MR Points if it makes sense to do so.

I've been playing around with award hackers & ANA award booking and came up with these options.
ANA from ORD to DPS (136K MR)
 ANA from ORD to CGK (110K MR) Business class then cash for the connecting flight. ( My #1 pick so far)
ANA from ORD to TPE (85K-90K MR) Business class then cash for connecting flight.

Any other good routing options that could potentially save me a lot of MR points ?

Is ANA award space fairly easy to get if I mark the calander day for 365 days in advance?

I have already paid for the wedding and everything so it would be a bummer if I couldn’t get award space on the exact date I want.

Thank you!

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Re: Routing suggestions needed for MR points

While there is certainly some expertise here, I would suggest posting on Flyertalk.

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Re: Routing suggestions needed for MR points

I have a post going on FlyerTalk but I was hoping some of the more knowledgeable people on here would chime in.

Currently FT is trying to get me to change my mind on staying in Bali so long. I didn’t even pick there but I would have 😂. She’s planning all of this I just have to figure out how to get us there.

Total Revolving Limits $254,800

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