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Rumors about AMEX Green?

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Re: AmEx Green Card Revamp

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I haven't kept up on the state of sign up bonuses with Amex.


If I accepted a sign up bonus on the Gold card last June, am I excluded from a signup bonus on the green?

As long as you haven't had the Green before, it would be treated as a separate product/SUB.

I'm curious how welcome offer eligibility might play out for me.  My Platinum Card was upgraded from the Green Card about 4 or 5 years ago, which was a name change from "The American Express Card with Membership Rewards," which was a product change from the original American Express Card.  So while I've technically had what is the current card in recent years, I don't even think I received a SUB at all on my original American Express Card 17 years ago.

Well, I can tell you one thing, I had the former Gold Card, not the PRG, eons ago and closed it (> 7 years IIRC).   I applied for the PRG last July when the advertised AF was $195 (waived the first year) and got the 50K SUB.  Then, a few months later it got upgraded to the Gold/Rose Card we know as of today.   So, it's fairly possible you can get whatever SUB may be available when it relaunches again.  At one point, earlier this year, the Green had a 15K SUB so you never know. 

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Re: AmEx Green Card Revamp

Also once in a lifetime I believe is 7 years or so i have read i believe in other blogs about amex.. Is that true I have no clue, but the pop-up or lack of pop-up will let you know if eligible or should as well

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Re: AmEx Green Card Revamp

That's what I've gathered as well, but I'm not sure what all is considered to 'exit' the previous lifetime criteria or if the former product types align differently for newer SUB promotions.

For instance, I kept getting several upgrade offers on ZYNC for either Platinum (75K) or Gold (50K) (I already had Gold at one point when the offer came along again). But, the 'unicorn' novelty kept me from doing the upgrade (I know, I know... the SUB 😜) so I'm not entirely sure how some accounts become eligible and others don't.
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Re: AmEx Green Card Revamp

Regular Gold and PRG were separate products.  

I think you might have still been ok under 7 years.

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Re: AmEx Green Card Revamp

If I recall the revised Gold launched first week of October. BUT, I can't remember if they even pulled the card, I remember they were still taking apps on the PRG or Gold up until midnight the new revised card launched.

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Amex green

Just realized I can’t see option to app for the green Amex
Its no more available this card ?
Is it a temporary thing or something else ?
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Re: Amex green


Rumor is that it has been temporarily withdrawn due to the refresh that has been expected for the last several months.

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Re: Amex green

Two words: Green Day*


* Not the band.

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Re: Amex green

My thought is that today will be the day as well. I can't quite recall the time that the new Gold and BCP were released, but I feel like it was somewhere around 1 or 2 here on the East Coast?
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Re: Amex green

I have it on good authority that the Green card is changing to a greener cardSmiley Wink.

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