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Rumors about AMEX Green?

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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

quite a bit speculation about it.


DOC's list seems unimpressive, especially if no amzn prime membership and an AF.


Even if it has amzn primeship and a 119 AF, its still basically a no AF card with 4x on gas and 3x on streaming..... It's not bad, but not outstanding neither.

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⛪ ▲G ┊ q§ ┊८ſu ⛽ ८∰ ┊ ↇᏨ ⛎ ᐰmzn V/ᐰ ┊ wſ -V ⛪ Ɲĕхт: ▬ ēD ➕ citiⳎrēm ┊ βoſᥠ ८R
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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

If this stays at 95$ annual fee this is a game changer to me. I would certainly drop my Premier if this card added the 4x on gas and 3x on streaming services. I value MRs way more than TY. My TYs are valued at just 1.25c since I only use portal redemptions.

Heck even if prime was a benefit, this would be great. If this came with the 25k sub as well would be awesome.
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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

I’ve heard about this too. The 4x on gas makes it highly appealing. Prime would be great too. I’ll have to see what the AF ends up being though...I would love to see this refresh happen.
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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

This has been discussed already.

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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

Even if the fee went up to $119, 3x on streaming services and pre-paid Amazon Prime is a nice combination. I also see how this refresh is targeted to Millenials / Gen X'ers.


Adding 2x on grocery and dining would have been a nice feature (hint hint) and I'd be more comfortable carrying Platinum+Green+BBP (downgrading the Gold).

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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

I think 4x gas and 3x streaming in itself is not worth an annual fee.  Even if Prime is thrown in, it's not a long term keeper if Prime is a one-time thing and not recurring.

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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

I think streaming and utility services in general are often missed/overlooked categories for rewards. Most cards seem to focus on Gas, Dining and/or shopping, so it would be nice to see a card cover one or more of these niche categories that more and more people are using today.


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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

This sounds almost as exciting as Starbucks card. Almost. 

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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

If this card had a blueish tint to the Green id go for itSmiley Wink
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Re: {Rumor} AMEX Green Refresh.

Maybe they'll make a metal version with an "Emerald Green" limited edition 😄 That'll get another FOTM thread going.
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