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Rut-Ro....GEMB CLD everywhere

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Re: Rut-Ro....GEMB CLD everywhere

fishbjc wrote:
My Dillard's Store card received a cli on April 6th of $500 to $2100.  I noticed this week that they chopped me to $100.  I rarely shop at Dillards anyway, twice per year on average.  Macy's is right next door and I prefer their coupons and sales....

Why the heck would they give you an increase so high and then cut you down so low a few days later?!  That is just rediculous!

Re-entered the garden on 12/30/15 Seriously, I need to stop leaving!
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Re: Rut-Ro....GEMB CLD everywhere

My Carecredit account had been idle for 7 months.   I'd definitely get a pair of glasses or some doggy treats at the vets office!
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Re: Rut-Ro....GEMB CLD everywhere

Thanks Trishco.  I'm going to do just that.

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Re: Rut-Ro....GEMB CLD everywhere

Those jerks!!  I just paid another chunk on my Lowes and they cld me to 70.00 over my balance making my util look like its 97%!  Come on, why 70 and not an even 100?  I've played with the #'s too long and there is no rhyme or reason to it.


I thank God I'm not looking for a mortgage or refinancing anything to where I must raise my scores.

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