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Jennabean wrote:
Wow, Niki9, that is raw! I send my hopes in your direction that everything calms and heals quickly! You'll get through this! You do what you must to survive, and yes, it will turn around for you!

To answer the score question, I was at EQ 580, EX 590, and TU 612, but that was before new TL's were posted. Once everything has hit the CRA's, then I'll get my new scores.

The issues: 1 repo (3 years old), 2 collections on each CRA, most recent 4/07, 1 COff on each(5 years old), Tax lien on EQ & TU (2001), zero current positive accounts. Almost all of these are in dispute due to inaccuracies, and I may rehab the chargeoff for the age (if I rehab, they'll have to remove their collection, which would eliminate most issues).

About to report: 1 revolving jewelry acct, 1 M/C, combined CL of 1800, less than 10% util.

I've got work to do!

I have been there.  Take good care with the new credit and things will turn around.  I learned the hard way not to pay the collection unless they give you a letter of deletion.  That is why I have 2 old co on my report.
Be strong it may take some time.

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Valero just approved me for $400 which is a start - did you contact them for a CLI or did they offer it to you?
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