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SYNCB (Synchrony Bank)/Rakuten Visa: Auto-payment Questions

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SYNCB (Synchrony Bank)/Rakuten Visa: Auto-payment Questions

I have auto-payments set up to pay the statement balance of my Rakuten Visa. I decided to PIF the balance before the auto-payment is due in 1-2/weeks. Will the auto-payment of (x) statement balance still deduct from my checking account even with a $0 current balance?


I tried looking through the Rakuten Visa portal but found no substantial answers, so I'm here to the wonderful myFICO crowdsource customer service representatives.

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Re: SYNCB (Synchrony Bank)/Rakuten Visa: Auto-payment Questions

No it will not. Synchrony will send you an email notifying you that you have a message to view which will say since you paid your balance, your auto pay for the month has been adjusted to $0. I get them at least every other month on my Amazon Store Card. 

I got one this month actually. 

"We want to make you aware of a change to the payments for your Store Card account.

Due to recent activity since your last billing statement, the amount of your upcoming Autopay payment has changed to $0.00 and will be posted on 10/23/2020.

As a reminder, the Autopay amount for your account could change between the date of this letter and your due date based on purchases, payments, credits, returns, disputes or other activity on your account.

Keep in mind:

Your Autopay amount is calculated on your statement closing date. This amount deducted may be lower due to additional payments, credits, returns or disputes since your statement closing date.
Your Autopay amount will not exceed the previous statement amount.
Your Autopay payment will be deducted from your bank account on the scheduled due date.

If you have discontinued Autopay for your account, please refer to the Payment Information section of your billing statement for the payment amount due.

You can review account activity and payments by logging into your account anytime."

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