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Saks Fifth Ave

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Re: Saks Fifth Ave

jaybee wrote:
When I do decide to reopen my account I will not upgrade. Besides, I already have a few major's. I am not really looking for rewards, I do not plan on using the card much, the interest rate is not too good. I will buy moisturizer or some makeup every month just to let it appear to be active.

I didn't think that I would benefit from acquiring their MasterCard. 
They do have some very good email-only promotions for regular charge customers.  A couple of weeks ago, they offered 20% off of almost everything (with very few exceptions) purchased from 
EQ 814 / TU 815 / EX 842
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Re: Saks Fifth Ave

I do get e-mail specials but for Off 5th Ave (I love that store).
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