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Sam's Club Discover

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Sam's Club Discover


Hello all, and Happy holidays.


I usually lurk and learn, but today I have some questions that I hope you guys can help me with, if at all possible and if you guys don't mind indulging me.  I have searched the forum, but I have found no definate answer.


I have been trying to get a Sam's Discover for a few months and I've been shot down twice.  I have store credit.  Today I went in to the store and applied once more (glutton for punishment).  Instead of being shot down immediately the lady said I was referred and that I would get a letter in 7-10 days.  That sounds like a no-no.  As I was walking out, I called their UW department.  After a while holding, the lady said that it just said that it needed further review.  I was shocked.  I have many GEMB accounts (too many), and they have never had a problem telling me that my application has been denied.  So, right now, I'm cautiously optimistic.  I have read in this forum and others, that sometimes they call days later to verify ID, etc., so I am hoping for the best.  I will also mention that I have a FA on my EQ report.  It was an initial FA that I started in august to increase my ID score (dumb dumb dumb).  I initiated it on EX but it spread to the other 2.  It was supposed to expire in November.  EX and TU already took it off, but EQ has not.  I got some accounts with GEMB while all my reports had the FA.  I just called and answered Lexus Nexus questions, and was always approved.  I don't know why I am obsessed with this card, but I just have to have it.  I am tired of always getting the store card.  The only reason I tried again is because A couple of weeks ago I applied for a TJX card and got approved for the Mastercard.  Chase has always hated me, never approved me before, always said they wanted more experience, blah blah, so when I saw that they gave me the account, I was stunned.  And the MC, not the store card. WOW.  Anyway, I thought this was a fluke.  So I went and apped for the Amazon Visa...Approved !!! :0 .  Holy crap, right ?  So next I was reading about the target card.  How it grows with you and all that.  I found myself at the store XMAS shopping.  Walked to the CS desk and applied.  I expected the nothing or at best the 200 store card... Approved for Target Visa !!! ( I almost past out).  So, anyway, back  to my original topic,  what has been the experience lately with the Sams Discover ?


BTW,  When  I applied for TJX, Amazon and Target,  EQ was Frozen.  I thawed it for Sam's, as I've heard they need EQ for anything other than store cards.  They all pulled TU.


Amazon VISA 400

TJX MC 2800

Target Visa  2000


In case you wanted to know.  And also, I know it's too much.  I've recently lost 2500 CL due to BOA closing my amex, for no fracking reason  (HATE THEM), and I have been hoping to get my CL back, as well as close a couple of useless store cards.  Please, be gentle.




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Re: Sam's Club Discover

I got approved for the Sams Discover instantly. They pulled TU, which was 642 at the time. They approved me initially for $4200, then auto-CLI'd me to $5200 a week later. After a year they CLI'd me again (I initiated it) to $6200.


The rewards are so-so. 2% cash back after you get to $10,000 yearly, and tiered percentages before that. The only reason I got it was at the time, Sams only took Discover. Now they take Mastercard. 


I ended up getting a Discover Open Road card a while later. I noticed in the fine print that their Cash back bonus still only pays .25% on warehouse purchases, regardless of your yearly spending. I got a Citi Cash Returns Mastercard (1% on all purchases) and use that there now, so I at least accumulate a full 1 percent every time I shop at Sams. 


Hope this helps!

Here we go again...
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Re: Sam's Club Discover

I was denied, according to a CSR.  I am done trying to get anything from GEMB.
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