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Sams Club and having comments on credit cards accounts


Sams Club and having comments on credit cards accounts

Hi Everyone,


I went to Sams Club a few days back and applied for credit.  My scores are all 680 to 700.  I'm thinking its a win. Oh no! I was denied and told I will get that letter.  I got it and it said no because of accounts in collection which one 1 with $1k. Age of accounts which my oldest account is 5 years old. It also said that I was in a Bk proceeding and I am not, BK discharged in 2004.  Ok I called and was told I need to reestablish my credit.  Oh yeah they did..  I went from BK to 300 credit score to 680/700 with no balance on anything expect that $1k collection.  There's nothing to pay besides that which is in the works.  So after trying one person I tried another and she told me about having accounts with comments saying anything about a dispute is consider negative info paid or not.  That's considered as not having any positive trade lines.  So in my case I have to have them removed and so I did.  Besides EQ, EP & TU removed them and I got the alert this morning confirming it. 


So I guess you can not have any bad comments to buy a house or credit cards.

Starting Score: 300 TU 300 EX
Current Score: 704 TU EX 700
Goal Score: 800

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