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Sams Discover...Approved

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Re: Sams Discover...Approved

I have been declined for the SC Discover, but been offered $600 for the SC Credit.  I didn't think I would get that much from GEMB since I got $250 from Belk and $200 from JCPenney.  


What I love about JCP is that I can use it in Rite Aid or CVS, but it's too big of a temptation when extra bucks play into the game at CVS.  I used $5 on it just the other day because I had $23 in cash.  I bought 4-12 packs of Coke Zero, school stuff, mustard, and elbow macaroni....along with 2 20 oz cokes.  

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Re: Sams Discover...Approved

hehe...  I wish i knew for sure if Sams CLub factored in membership history....  Since Ive "been a member" since 1989, I have a feeling that would go well for me, only problem is - I wonder if they would notice that I would have only been 7 when I opened the account??? Smiley Wink


I was added to my dad's business account many many years ago, but it showed his opening date - would be a nice thought though!  


Anyway, OP - congrats on the great CL 

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