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Save yourself from late payment, review your statement

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Save yourself from late payment, review your statement

I'm sure this goes without saying for most people, but I've learned this lesson the hard way in the past.  And today I had occasion to remember why it is a good idea to open your mail.


I got a statement from my Diner's Club account.  I had a Diner's Club at my last job which I left in September 2010.  The account should have been closed.  Today, when the bill came I opened it to see that I had a $75 charge for the annual fee to participate in Club Rewards.  I called them and they immediately credited the fee back and closed the account.  But once upon a time I might have just thrown that in the trash.  I have most of my bills set up for autopayment, so sometimes I get in the bad habit of just throwing things away. 

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Re: Save yourself from late payment, review your statement

So true!


I must confess that I am puzzled by how many cards people have, and I wonder how much time it takes to be on top of everything. I know there was a thread some time ago about this, with people saying they use spreadsheets and what not. People are different, have different goals and priorities, and it's great, but I can personally see why Suze Orman advises to have 4-5 cards.

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