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Savor Redeem Cash to 360 Checking

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Savor Redeem Cash to 360 Checking

Anyone know if there is a way to redeem my cash back from my Cap1 savor one to my Cap1 360 Checking account?


Thank for sharing!

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Re: Savor Redeem Cash to 360 Checking

IIRC, I don't think they have the capability to ACH funds from your cash back rewards to your 360 checking account unlike BoA, USB or other banks.  I think you have to redeem as a check (yep good ole pony express) unless someone has done it recently.

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Re: Savor Redeem Cash to 360 Checking

I believe I asked them this before and it can't be done. I just get statement credits on my credit account.

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Re: Savor Redeem Cash to 360 Checking

You can redeem any cashback rewards on any of the credit cards (so you can send your Savor cash back to Quicksilver, for instance) bu you can't send it out to the checking or savings. Technically, Capital One Credit and Capital One 360 are two seperate entities, which is also why it isn't any faster to pay for your Cap One credit cards with a 360 account than with any other outside bank account.

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