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Schools First FCU

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Schools First FCU

I got a $2,500 CL Visa from Schools First to transfer my rate-jacked US Bank card to, they only went up to 17.99%, but the SF card is at 10% and has no xfer fee. I've been a member for two years, got a car loan a year ago and moved my other banking there when Chase took over WAMU. Decided to take $2,000 out of savings and pay off the rjed Chase card that went to 20%. It wasn't a priority since it was at 9%, so I'm also going to write them a letter telling them exactly why I did it and that they missed out on the interest I would have paid at 9%. Hopefully that won't prompt them to rj the only one of their cards I have left with a balance!


Has anyone had any luck getting closed accounts reopened? Target Visa closed on me due to inactivity last April, I've talked to several people but no luck so far. It was one of my oldest accounts so I'd love it reopened if possible.



01/25/10 - TU 709, EQ 729, EX 705
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