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Score needed for Chase Ink?

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Re: Score needed for Chase Ink?

navigatethis12 wrote:

myjourney wrote:

cowboyguy wrote:
The only reason why I'm not transferring limit to get approved is because I want to have high limit cards so that in the upcoming apps, lenders match my high limit cards

I understand your thinking but (3) $5000 cards aren't bad and you get the card you wanted plus ink rewards back in the process

Any future lenders would still see nice limits and attempt to try and steal your business by offering higher limits

They will not see the Ink because it does not report to personal credit reports, unless it is defaulted on. You can still get high limits without other high limits, which is contrary to popular belief. I really think you won't get approved since those two cards are so young. You can always try again, but it is likely it will remain declined.

Correct ink will report on business credit

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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