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Scores Plummeted :(

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Re: Scores Plummeted :(

Well... Sometimes this happens til the reporting is accurate.. Dont worry too much... I had some fraud accts pop up on my reports over the summer, and it took me a month or so to get em off all of my reports... But nothing happened in the mean time... Except me getting denied clis, at which point I just called uw/cred analysts to process them
Lol... My fico went from 680-640. Has since rebounded to about 700.

Just monitor your reports like crazy... Maybe you can get some free reports on the basis that you need to dispute info.... If you wanna go through the trouble.
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Re: Scores Plummeted :(

It's a double negative.
Time heals all Ls.
If your not applying for anything wouldn't even think twice. It's an eyesore but only for 30 days Smiley Happy
My eq jumped 15 point from reporting two cards to 1 and it was only a 200 balance.
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Re: Scores Plummeted :(

Ugh! I feel your pain LS.  My UTL is all the way up this month so my FICO scores are taking a big time dive. Let's just say I indulged in a little "shopping therapy" - had a rough past few weeks!! LOL!  But  I promised myself I would NOT check my scores until the first week of December  so I won't get all depressed about it.  By the first week of December all my accounts will have updated for November and my scores will be back in shape.  All will be well next month! Cheer up! As one of the other's said...time heals it!  

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Re: Scores Plummeted :(

LS2982 wrote:
No it was Barclays reporting balance combined with the false balance from the CU card.

I know he feeling..,did a BT   LS....reported on 2 accounts as having a balance......but only have 1 account carrying a balance in realtime..lost 10 points on each Credit sure it..will take a few months to update......hope your score recovers soon

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