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Scores are climbing slowly

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Re: Scores are climbing slowly

haulingthescoreup wrote:
Bless your heart, you didn't see the banner on the log-in page?

I don't think that anyone here knows why they decided to do this.


Oh yuck.

I went snooping for a story after I read your post and I responded with what is propbably a standard two or three sentance post. When I got home tonight I had 73 emails on my computer. LOL

Well, in a couple days I'll pull the one credit report then in mid March I'll pull the other two.

I wonder what the typical sig will look like around here in 2 or 3 months. You know, the old with the 3 old FICO scores and the 3 latest FICO scores pittede side-by-side. LOL

1-14-08....... TU=683, EQ=667, EX=666
7-04-08....... TU=688, EQ=678, EX=682.......
.......4 of my 5 cards and a new car later.
2/13/09 and forever EX 693
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