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Sears/Citi CLI Question

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Re: Sears/Citi CLI Question

rudy0720 wrote:

Citi is always HP when customer requests it on all their cards, not just cobranded

Thank you... No hitting the love button for this guy then!


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Re: Sears/Citi CLI Question

Hammer23 wrote:

navigatethis12 wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

I hate Sears. Last time I shopped there, their card was backed by Discover...guess it's been awhile. LOL.

I hate them too, haha. They are one of my parent's oldest cards though, so I have heard a lot about them. I have never actually been in one by my own free will.

I bought some appliances there for the new house. Everything went well, got the card so I figure no reason not to grow it. Just dont want to take a HP for it.

I got my applicances from Freidman's this time. Sears never made anything lasting there that I bought. Lol.

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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