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Sears Citi CLI procedure

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Sears Citi CLI procedure

DW has a lovely 250 dollar limit on her Sears card, with me as an AU.  We requested a CLI via email on the site today.  Has anyone here had luck getting that card raised?  What procedure did you use?


I hate to close it as it is helping our AAOA...  I'd rather keep it active but it's had to use at that limit.  


Anyone else get somewhere with these?

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Re: Sears Citi CLI procedure

You could sneeze and spend $250 in Sears. 

Good luck with that request!

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Re: Sears Citi CLI procedure

I've had one since 1996 that has been stuck at 750.00. Tried online and it was stuck in pending mode. I called to find out the status and they said they would HP. Got a whopping 100.00 increase. That was over a year ago. I never saw the HP on my credit report.


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Re: Sears Citi CLI procedure

I have a Sears Card through Citi that I have never used.  It has a $2,000 limit, but there really isn't anything in Sears that interests me.  I initially got the card to get a dishwasher, but found one cheaer elsewhere.  I've only had the card since September 2012.  Guess at some point I have to make a small purchase just to keep it active, but what is there in Sears worth buying????

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Update: Sears Citi CLI procedure

We received an email reply from customer service telling us how to find the luv button.  It gave a form to input increase requested, income, and mortgage payment.  We asked for 4,750 to put it at 5k.  


It asked for permission to check credit; we'll see if it's hard or soft.  Then thy gave a 7-10 day message.  Lovely.


As far as what to buy to keep it active; I'm pretty sure you can use them at K-mart too.  I see a blue Icee in my future.

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Re: Sears Citi CLI procedure

Lol at the blue icee. My parents used to have these cards and hard very high limits. They used them to buy appliances. Closed them a long time ago still paying them off lol.. I wish someone would of added me as an AU on their card growing up .. My credit would probably be so much better right now.. At least the AAoA would be
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Re: Sears Citi CLI procedure

For CLI you can do over the phone = HP. Can also request on the website, but it is another HP. I asked about auto-CLI after 6 months of on-time payments and was told to just wait, but that it wasn't common. I take their word on it seeing as my mom had a $3.3K limit since 2000, kept util low, never missed any payments and never got a CLI. They sure were quick to lower her limit in 2008 when she temporarily had high util (75%) and limit chased until she closed the card.


Since it isn't your card I would recommend to apply for your own card and add your wife as an AU. Higher chances of a high limit that way. Of course only do it if you really need to use the card for the special financing. Otherwise just do what p- is doing.. a blue Icee every few months doesn't sound so bad.

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