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Secret to reaching OpenSky customer service team?

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Re: Secret to reaching OpenSky customer service team?

@excalibur1 wrote:

I am trying to cancel my OpenSky credit card, but I am having the hardest time reaching their customer service team.  I'm calling their number, 1-800-859-6412, and listen to the automated system.  When it finally reaches the main menu, I listen to all the options.  Then any number I press is either unresponsive, or it tells me I've made an invalid selection.  I've tried this multiple times on several different phones, both mobile and landline, and I cannot get through.


Is there a secret to reaching the customer service team that I don't know about?  Smiley Frustrated

Phone systems only exist in so many different variations. I think there really is only 4 different types before you get specialty systems. The first type is touch tone only. You need to type numbers exactly in this one. The second type is dual touch tone/audio which is rather popular with banks these days. The third is audio only systems which means you need to speak selections. Not as popular since the dual systems are more convenient while still guaranteeing accuracy. The fourth type is audio systems with touch drop down which only activates touch if enough errors are on the line. These are the high end systems that extra large mega corporations love.


On touch tone systems you can generally hit 0 and it will pass you through to a default department, generally customer service or sales. On audio systems the word "Agent" is the general key for the same thing. Say it however many times you need to get through. The only catch to these systems is that some of them have preauth so you do not have to go crazy with verification in person. If you use a bypass of 0 or "Agent" those systems will say you are just a general call so it might not put you to the right department. You can also try finishing the sentence of the recording. Ex1: What would you like to do today? Close my card. Ex2: What can we help you with today? Card Cancellation.

If all else fails just select an option that is closest to getting a person on the line. You can be surprised where they sometimes put the final jump. One bank I deal with requires you to go through and listen to your account balance before they offer press 0 for customer representative.

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