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Secured BofA card Updated: Pretty sure I was denied

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Re: Secured BofA card

You can also always get a secured card through Public Savings Bank for a one time fee. They pull no hard inquiry and report to all three bureaus! They never unsecure, but its perfect for people like yourself that have been denied for multiple secured cards and have racked up inquiries in the process.

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Re: Secured BofA card

I think you should apply for an orcahrd secured card. They are very easy to get.


They do a soft pull and let you know what card you should apply for, then once you apply its a hard pull.


I got approved, and I have an unpaid judgment, 1 collection, 3 CO credit cards with 1 not paid, installment loan being late 90 twice, 60 4 times, and 30 8 times. No positive on my CR, and I still was able to get an orchard secured. Granted, they aren't the best card and won't grow with you, but anything positive is nice. Just pay that card on time for a year or so, pay off any other CO's you have, and then try again for either a different secured, or possibly an unsecured.

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Re: Secured BofA card

Who all has denied you a secured card? Did you default on any of these creditors?


I think it is important that you have 1 credit card each to start some positive history and to have the use of.   


If BofA turns you down,   I suggest you go to Public Saving Bank for a secured card.   They approve based on identity check, not credit check.   It has decent terms so you can use without paying any fees.   The $79 setup fee is the only fee and I suggest you keep the card until you have established good credit with a clean report..


Then work hard on clearing your credit report as much as you can. After that, you should add to your credit portolio.  


Good luck and patience. 







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Re: Secured BofA card

yes try Capital one secured mastercard.. i was denied boa and my friend was denied boa and citi and got approved for cap one also


good luck.

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