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Secured Cards that graduate

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Secured Cards that graduate

Previously I was looking for good secured cards that graduated. I looked to this list for help:

It was great! My credit hasnt been this good in years, however ..... continue reading to avoid wasting HPs.

From the "best" list I attempted accounts with
Discover, which I have had for 9months has no graduation.

NFCU, graduated at exactly 6 months when account was PIF.

Capital One, graduated at 6 months previously. I currently went straight for the platinum this go-around (yes, this is my 2nd rebuild)

AHFCU, no option to graduate at all. must apply for new unsecured credit.

From the "good" list:

USAA, no option to graduate at all. must apply for new unsecured credit.

To my point... if you are looking for a card that graduates --- NFCU is the better option from the ones I mentioned. Capital One is the easiest to obtain. Im still holding out on judgement of Discover.

Nonetheless closing my secured cards with USAA and AHCU. My new $4K CLI in other credit will balance it out., I did not try other secured cards but Im sure at this point it would be pointless bc my current cards are working for me already.
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