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Securing another credit card

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Securing another credit card

I currently have  a transunion fico score of  733 (8/12/12) and equifax  fico score of 715 (7/15/12) and would like to secure another credit card.  Experian has a non fico score of 731 but otherwise i dont know what their fico score on me would be.


Currently my total credit limit is approximately $13,000 with approximately $11,000 in visa and mastercard balances and $2,000 in other revolving accounts that i hardly ever use.  


I would like to get another major credit card as my largest 2 cards have credit lilmits of only $5,000 each. and would like to get a card carrying a higher limit of perhaps $12,000.  Those accounts carry interest rates of 8.9% and 14.25% currently.  The lower rate credit card is at my credit union, and the larger rate is from Household Bank where the credit cards have been moved to Capital One. Where would i stand the best chance of getting a $12,000 credit card based on my personal information.


I'd like your imput as to how much credit i could request at my current fico levels with income of approximately $65,000 as a retiree.  If you need further information that i havent provided please send a message and i'd be happy to provide they info you may need that would help answer this question.  thanks.

Starting Score: 734
Current Score: 850 Equ, 846 Exp
Goal Score: 850

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