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Seeking CU that offers CC

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Re: Seeking CU that offers CC

WOW, DCU is taking long for memberships. They must have come a long way.


When I first walked into DCU office (marlborough, MA), I walked out with both my debit and credit cards in my wallet in about 1 hour.


daybreakgonesXe wrote:

Emdee_MD wrote:

I am a member of a local credit union where I live; that is associated with the employer of both my parents. I had an auto loan through them, but it has since been paid off; and they do not offer any CC's or anything so I would much rather move my money or open an account and establish a relationship with a CU that has these products. I was seeking a good credit union, that offers CC's. I looked at NFCU, but that would require my cousin to sponsor his dad, who could in turn sponsor my mother, who could in turn sponsor me. Needless to say thats not going to happen.


I was also looking at DCU, and PenFed. +/- 's of each? I already have a mortgage from last year thats now been sold to WFHM, and my car is paid off so I am not too concerned about that.

DCU: good customer service, great low rate CCs, easy to get approved for CC, application for membership has been taking a while lately, not great rewards

PenFed: great customer service, great rewards CCs, comparatively more difficult to get approved for (want to be around 720 range, if not higher), decent APRs


Good luck in whichever you choose! If you plan on getting cars ever again in the future, PenFed has fantastic rates on auto loans through their car buying service. DCU isn't half bad themselves, but PenFed does give lower rates for higher tiers of credit. same for mortgages!

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Re: Seeking CU that offers CC

Thanks for all the responses. I am gonna look into MECU. I live in the county not the city, but luckily work in the city limits so I qualify for that CU. I think it is down to them and PenFed as of now. Just annoying you have to fill out a paper app for MECU and mail it in. 

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