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Shall I apply or not?

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Shall I apply or not?

I have got a BOA card for $1000 CL (from Feb '09) , CITI card for $500 ( from Oct '09)... I have a balance of $400 on BOA card.. and $0 on CITI... 

I got a paypal money of $882 in my paypal account.. Can I apply for a Paypal buyer's credit/Paypal plus credit card.. 


Does it have an effect on my scores or my future cards or CLI's....


My present scores are 688(TU--FICO) , 709(EQ--FICO) , 717(EX--PLUS FAKO)..


Are my chances of approval good??or shall I just stay calm without applying for the new card again.. 

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Re: Shall I apply or not?

In your situation I would leave PayPal credit alone. GEMB way too flakey. You need to remain patient while your accounts mature some.
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