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Shot down on amex blue cash

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Shot down on amex blue cash

Well after getting my Discover open road card i figured i would try for
the Blue Cash  from American Express. Did not go well

American Express 

PO Box 31525

Salt Lake City, UT 84131

December 11, 2007



Reference:   USD




Thank you for your recent application for the Blue Cash SM from American Express.  We do value your desire to establish a relationship with us.  We regret that we are unable to approve your request for the following reason(s):



Information received from Experian Consumer Reporting Agency  (See below)

The factors provided by the consumer reporting agency that affected our decision are:




Bk is 9 years old I guess not in the cards yet.



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Re: Shot down on amex blue cash

Sorry klin... yes they are not BK friendly.
You might be able to recon the app if your BK is dropping off super soon.  Not sure how far into the 9th year you are.
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Re: Shot down on amex blue cash

I would definitely recon. Usually over 7 years Amex is okay with it.  Unfortunately its a toss up about what they will do lately. Issuing cards to lower than normal scores, closing long-standing relationships.  You may have been better off with the decline.

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Re: Shot down on amex blue cash

Sorry. Work on the Ficos and make a plan for end of next year or first of 2009. Keep your chin up.
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Re: Shot down on amex blue cash

Wait- you said nine years?
What is your TOTAL overall Fico and loan, CC and debt picture? Anything that might be a flag?
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