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Should I Get Another Credit Card

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Re: Should I Get Another Credit Card

 I ended up signing up for a Shell Citi card that gives 5% cash back on all Shell gas purchases. This works perfectly for me since I only use Shell gas in my car (I know, I'm a sucker for marketing but if it's good enough for Ferrari then V Power is good enough for my S2000). I was surprised how easy it was. I just entered my info into the site and got approved immediately, albeit for only a $500 credit limit, but I never spend more than $150 in gas per month anyway. Maybe it was so simple because my other card is from Citi also.


Thanks for the responses everyone. The PenFed card does seem to be the best deal but I just wasn't comfortable paying the money upfront to join since there is still a chance I would not get approved and even if the money was tax deductible I wouldn't benefit from it since I take the standard deduction.

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