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Should I accept CLI from Discover.


Re: Should I accept CLI from Discover.

After 4 years, I have finally come to terms with it not being personal with Discover.  I was approved for mine with a $2500 limit when my average limit was $16,000.  I ran a lot of spend through it at first and got a $3000 CLI after 3 months, bringing it to $5500.  In the 45 months that have followed, it has been a slow trudge of mostly $500 increases with two $1500 ones, often going 7 months with no increases.  With a clean profile and scores in the 800s, my Discover sits at $13,500 thanks to the $1500 I got in February, but that's much lower than my average limit of about $21,000 on revolving cards and only single digit percentage of income.


Don't take it personally.  For the most part, Discover starting lines and CLIs are a mystery to put it mildly.  There is sometimes a correlation between CLIs and running a lot of spend through it, sometimes there's not.  Sometimes giving them the cold shoulder and letting the card sit idle works, sometimes it doesn't.  In general terms, Discover wants to be your #1, the card you use for everything, but for those of us seeing slow or no growth compared to the rest of our cards, it can be frustrating at times.

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Re: Should I accept CLI from Discover.

I normally stay away from generalizations when it comes to Disco, but I think it's fairly obvious their target audience arent those with lots of available credit 

It stands to reason that in those cases their cards would either see very little or no use outside the 5% categories.

If their card wont see use, score, income, all that becomes irrelevant. 


I actually think that's a good approach for them..give credit to those who are going to be grateful for it and use it because its their best option. 

It certainly was for me at that time. 

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Re: Should I accept CLI from Discover.

@flexin222 wrote:

Thanks for your reply. Sometimes, a small increase is no gain. We have members on here with 20k Disco CL's and with my good credit history I'm stumped why I can't receive decent increases. I look at CL's like percentages. $2900 Is a 10% of $290 which is no bueno. I would prefer a CL of $10K so I could spend $1000 and still stay at 10%. Of course I wouldn't spend that, but it's nice to have that wiggle room. 

I was offended by the slide increase because Disco only offered an increse of a few hundred dollars. Like $50-$500...That's a joke!

Ms Disco is a odd bird. They gave me a $4000 SL over a year and half ago and I spent over $40K through it in the first year and PIF every single month and no soup for me on a CLI ever since the first one at 8 months. 🤷‍♂️
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Re: Should I accept CLI from Discover.

I appreciate the info guys! I'll be a good boy and just use the categories when they hit. Patience is key with

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Re: Should I accept CLI from Discover.

@flexin222 , try their prequalification site. You may get a new card with a much higher SL. That recently happened to me and I can't get a CLI on my first card.

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