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Should I close my USB CC?

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Should I close my USB CC?

I've had the Cash+ for less than 2 months and it brought me nothing but headacke(+$5 cashback)... On the phone with them atm, have been waiting to speak to a rep for >25 min and it's never been less than that... This time for a fraudulent charge outside of the country, for which I'd received a notification on Sunday-> called immediately, was told the charge was denied but it would be best to get a new card(apparently they charge the card for a tiny amount and if they get away with it they go big next time)->3days later, no new card/number, no email detailing the occurance+ plan of attack=>just got off the phone(32min) and it turns out they HAD sent my new card which will take 7-10 days(!!!) and my account is not suspended. OK. Back to the beggining.


I've applied for this card on July 27th. On Aug 6th was approved and received my card on the 16th. My first statement cut on the 20th, 2 days after I activated the card. No charges were made. The statement details show 33 days in the billing statement, which was a generic billing period as I had come to find out after 50 min on the phone. OK. 


After spending close to an hour setting up my acct(Aug16th), including choosing a picture for my profileand a greeting(what is this, hi5?!), alerts and notifications, categories, my card gets rejected(Aug 18th) at CVS twice- I had to try again since the card was brand new and I knew how long it had taken me to set everything up. No alerts/notifications on my phone/email. I call them. 20 min later- the card wasn't activated!!! OK.


Other reasons why I'm considering closing the acct:

You have to login to a separate page to pick your categories which will start earning rewards after ~48h

Very long waiting time to speak to a CSR(ONLY plus side-very sweet&helpful people)

My phone bill is not coded correctly to earn rewards in that category

I'm having trust issues when it comes to them protecting my identity


 Maybe I should've posted this in Relationships&money...Guys, should I break up with US Bank? I don't even know what's going on with us...feels like I never get to talk to them... they don't even seem to notice things are not Seriosly now... 8 mo AAOA, 1yr5mo AOOA, 5 accts(4-USB). I have a small current balance and haven't even had the time to reach the SUB+ now I have to wait another week for the new card- should I pay off the balance or wait to get my SUB and then close it? OR am I exagerating and/or I just happened to catch a bad start with US Bank? 


Opinions would be appreciated! 

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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

Wow, that's a lot of issues in a short period of time.  I'd try to stick it out at least long enough to get the SUB.  


I too set up my online stuff, called the verification number and had my first attempt to use the card declined, called in, but thankfully my wait time wasn't as long as yours, and was told the card wasn't activated (although I'd done that online AND called the number on the sticker on the card).  But so far other than the tiny $500 CL that's the only issue I've had with USB's Cash+ card (it is such a lovely shade of blue).   


Maybe things will improve.....

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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

Kind of a rough start!!  I have 2 Cash+ cards and have found USB to be great to deal with.  They are more conservative than a lot of banks so once you're in, you should be good.  The cellphone not coding right is a drag, but they added utilities not too long ago which is another nice category.  Good luck!!

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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

Looks like this may be a glitch in their system.

Another member is posting of issues with USB and a card that uses the same processor as USB.



I've had this card for some time and have never experienced an issue. Perhaps there's a temporary snafu on their processing network.

Hang in there... 


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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

I’d stick it out. Your rocky start is NOT the norm and not something you should expect in the long run. I also had a bit of a hiccup with them after my card was fraudulently used to buy fast food gift certificates and a very low travel purchase. They handled it well and contacted me to report the fraud, but I had a headache with the account reporting twice on my Equifax report for months.
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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

Im sorry K, ok?Smiley Wink
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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

Thanks for the input and encouragement, guys! I feel slightly better and less frustrated with them, though they'll still be in a trial phase for the next few months, till(if) I figure out another 3rd category...Smiley Frustrated Unfortunately can't do utilities since our apartments add water/gas to our rent payment, power is only $30-$60/mo and I believe they also don't count internet... Oh well...It IS a BEAUTIFUL blue, I normally prefer lighter shades but this "New Year's" blue is one of my favs! Am I the only one who associates it with New Year's Eve/post Christmas celebrations? Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

Who is your cellphone provider?

The initial sign up for the categories does have a delay in becoming active, but going forward you have more than a month ahead of the start of a quarter to activate the categories. You can select Q4 categories now, as example.

Some of the challenges may be you getting used to the card. Have some more US Bank kool-aid Smiley Wink

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Re: Should I close my USB CC?

I had similar experiences with their customer service when I had a fraudulent charge. I do not regret closing the card.

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