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Should I close my delta Amex

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Re: Should I close my delta Amex

@UncleB wrote:

@A1987 wrote:
I fly delta about twice a year. That does make sense.

There ya go... with two round-trips you'll earn back the AF via baggage waivers with some change to spare... don't forget the other Delta perks as well!


I do 'feel your pain', though... I also have a Delta Gold with a $1k credit line, and in my own case I suspect they won't be giving me a CLI either (based on history from 16 years ago with them).  My plan is to go ahead and pay the AF the first year - even if I never fly Delta - and continue to use it for the Amex offers.  They are rather 'hit and miss', but when the really good ones come around it can be lucrative to have an extra Amex in the wallet.  Smiley Wink


Also don't forget the $50 statement credit for making a Delta purchase the first three months the account is open.  It's not guaranteed, but many people have been able to trigger this by purchasing a Delta gift card from the Delta website (google for details).  Again, YMMV, but it has worked for many people, and in the event that it doesn't work you'll just have a gift card to put toward your next flight... no harm done.  Smiley Happy

I can confirm this. I bought a $50 Delta gift card and was given the $50 statement credit. But to the OP, I would stick with it....maybe cancel before the AF next year if you don't get a CLI and/or don't fly Delta much at that point.


Interestingly enough, I also have a $1k limit on this card and my 61 days is on Wednesday. I am fully expecting to get the 3x increase to $3k. I have had zero inquiries on my report since I opened the card, my report is clean, and my utilization is extremely low. I guess AmEx just doesn't like seeing a lot of new activity.

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