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Should I dump my oldest line of credit?

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Re: Should I dump my oldest line of credit?

Thankfully, I never had an AF on mine. But Cap1 refuses to give me cash rewards. They claimed that the terms are different and they couldn't do it. I won't be applying for another card with them, I see no point.  I'd rather apply for an Amex, Discover or Citi.  Probably Amex because of the rewards program and the option to do presales on hot concerts. I'm in no rush though and want to get as much debt paid down. I still have 4k+ according to, so I want to knock out Cap1 and TD in the next few months. Once I get those knocked out, I should be down to just the (CANCELED) Chase Freedom.

casinoannie97 wrote:

I have had my cap 1 since 2002.  300CL with a/f and

security.  Now over 5000CL, no a/f and although I haven't

had a CLI, they did make me a cash back rewards card.  I

actually make money on this card.


I got most of this by calling back door number.  Try this.



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