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Should I garden?

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Re: Should I garden?

I would say go ahead and garden.... i didn't listen to anyone here while rebuilding last year and I ended up 13 new accounts and 21 inquiries on my EX and 17 on EQ! lol.... i was an app addict... i have almost every card that I wanted though... except for CSP.. I did get a low limit on Amex and Discover... have I waited, I probably wouldve gotten a higher limit.... oh well, I have been in the garden for almost 2 months... and planning on staying there maybe for 6 months since I just obtained Barclays... my two chase cards, citi and barclays were all approved on recon......

Starting Score: MYFICO 12/30/15 -TU: 481, EQ:561, EX:532 - BK7 DISCHARGED 12/2015 - Current: 09/01/2016 TU:642 EQ: 651 EX: 646
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