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Should I get Discover More? I am really hesitated.

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Re: Should I get Discover More? I am really hesitated.

oshoair wrote:


I will think seriously about it.  have one more question since you have AMEX Blue. I have AMEX but from Bank of America and I am not happy at all since I cannot use the AMEX website for shopping or any offers that come directly from AMEX. Do you think I should consider getting an AMEX card directly from AMEX or this would be a hassle and mess up?



Thanks a lot.

Don't let your ccs control you!   You are the one control your ccs!!

I have no idea about it would be hassle and mess up or not.   My most of ccs are through pre-approved direct mails, include Amex Blue and Discover More.  I think since you got pre-approval from Discover, this may be the easy one to get.  It's up to you which one to apply.    If you decide to apply, I would like to suggest to apply for both same time ... Amex Blue and Discover More.  So, they will not see any new inq other than what you have now.

*I do not recommend Amex Blue Cash for you, due to your 1% rewards concern.

It's very tough with small income ~ The Rewards are big little helper to me.
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