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Should I hit the luv button?

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Re: Should I hit the luv button?

mj2003cobra wrote:
I have had the Amex delta gold for about 45 days, started off with $2000, just got an increase to $6000, available in 15 minutes.

That's nice. I didn't say that OP wouldn't get the CLI, I simply indicated that it's not worth risking an F/R. If you don't mind getting a Financial Review and having AMEX poke and prod your tax return info then more power to you.
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Re: Should I hit the luv button?

turninganewleaf wrote:
I was approved for the AMEX Delta Gold card with a CL of $1K 9/12/07.  I converted to Blue Cash which took effect 10/3.  I called AMEX to determine which date I would be eligible for a CLI and was 10/12 (today). 
Should I go for a CLI?  I was going to go for $5K.  My only hesitation is that I'm applying for a home mortgage  next month and don't want a hard pull for the CLI?  Would it be a hard or soft pull?  Would a soft pull hurt me enough that I should wait on a CLI until after loan approval?

the bottom line is you are going for a mortg and I wouldn't do ANYTHING w/ my credit except GW's etc until you are prequalified on morg, find a house, close and wait for the check to fund.
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