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Should I keep my BBRZMC?

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Should I keep my BBRZMC?

My CL has stayed at $300 for the past 3 years and although i have asked on many occasions, I never got a CLI.


I recently got an AMEX Zynx and a Platinum (hello backdating). Although I know that they are charge cards with no CL, they still do count as a credit card. I have come to the conclusion that the BBRZMC will not grow with me. Two weeks ago was the last time I asked for a CLI and was given the same BS line even though I spoke to a supervisor.


Should I cut my losses or keep it until I get a credit card with a decent CL?


AF is 59/yr

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Re: Should I keep my BBRZMC?

I personally wouldn't hold onto a card with a 300$ CL and a 59 AF.  I would close it as it serves no real purpose anymore, and more than likely will never grow. JMO

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Re: Should I keep my BBRZMC?

I recently cancelled mine.

I was sick of no CLI and the $59 AF.

I was stuck at $750 forever. I think it has been more than 7 years.

I have cards with 10k CLs....there is no way I am paying  fee for a 750CL.


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Re: Should I keep my BBRZMC?

I have had minefor about 3.5 years and this card has never been late always PIF and stuck at $300 CL


I have asked maybe twice every year for a CLI but always shut down. They didnt even want to waive the $59 AF this year.


 Maybe i should wait just before they put hte AF to cancel the card. That would be April of next year.

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Re: Should I keep my BBRZMC?

I cancelled mine right after the AF hit.

I called them and the only cooperation I ever received from them was to get them to remove the AF so I could close the card. LOL


I guess you could wait to close right before AF hits. HSBC doesn't like to show any love. They are very stingy with this card.

I have no regrets dumping them. The card will still report in good standing for the next 10 years as it closed in good standing without any balance.



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Re: Should I keep my BBRZMC?

In my opinion this card is a complete waste of time (and if you're paying an AF, of money).

I got it around April of 2010 with an initial CL of $300 (what a joke).  After about 6 months I received an auto CLI of $100, for a new CL of $400 (still a joke).

When the $59 AF was going to be due, I called to cancel.  Even then they wouldn't offer me a CLI.  Get rid of it. 

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