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Should I keep my Cap One QS1?

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Re: Should I keep my Cap One QS1?

Just an update to this that might change some advice. I didn't show any prequals with Citi, but I wanted their AAdvantage card from the outset. I also fly with Delta, so I'm glad I have the Amex, but I also just got approved for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select at SL 5.6k. Given this, I think I may let the Capital One go.

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Re: Should I keep my Cap One QS1?

are you just trying to avoid a af?  to be frank, no putdown intended, if you profile is up to date with your scores and cards I few you are a rebuilder.  in the early stages sometimes one has to pay for credit to get off the ground, as in an af. just a thought.  you travel, if you travel international long enough you will be glad to have that cap1 in your quiver for when you want to rent that bike from an offline kiosk, or you are stuck at a toll booth or gas station in spain or portugal.  I remember just 6 months ago having all these things happen and going through my csr, penfed, nfcu, amex, etc. and nothing worked until I whipped out the cap1.  just one mans experience.   if you wrote to the exec office and explained the sit they would convert that card in a second if your profile supported it.  I also believe if you targeted that card you could also grow it.  they sliced $27k from my credit line because of no use and I still keep it around.  there is my no coffee core dump

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