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Should I or shouldn't I?

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Should I or shouldn't I?

Ok...need everyone's input.  Here's my background- the scores in my siggy are current.  My AAOA is 8 years.  I have a paid car loan from 2008; a paid mortgage from 2004.  This year I have an autoloan with Chase (4/2/2012) no lates- my problem was I had no revolving credit cards just 2 student loans- paid no lates! I have a Chapter 13 (dismissed not discharged on EQ only from 2005) and 1 sm coll acct to drop off in Dec.  I quickly remedied no revolving accounts with an app spree with GE.  As far as inquires are concerned,  I have 8 from TU (ouch) but that includes 4 from the car purchase earlier this year; 4 from from EX (tried Chase  Freedom before I joined this forum what a waste of a HP), Barclays, and 2 from EQ (Discover and a CU for the car).


Can't do USAA or NFCU- DCU is a possibility.  I really want to try Nordstrom but I don't think my recent revolving credit is strong enough.  SO...if you were me what would you do?  I think I have enough revolving credit now.  GE Cards will grow with me and I am not worried about the CL's but I think I need more MC/VISA'S....



Updated Oct 31, 2012

ExpandTotal Credit Card Balances$201
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Re: Should I or shouldn't I?

I would wait a dismissed Ch 13 BK only stays for 7 years and your COLL is due to fall off so once those disappear you should see a nice bump.

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Re: Should I or shouldn't I?

Bob- that's what I thought too but EQ is not budging on the removal.  It has already dropped off on my other reports. Looks like that mistake just might stick with me another 2 1/2 years.  Smiley Sad

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