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Should I poke that bear?

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Re: Should I poke that bear?

@sabrewulf152 wrote:

It was simple and painless when I PC'ed from Citi Double Cash to their Rewards+ card...

How long ago was that?

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Re: Should I poke that bear?

Your scores look good for this environment. Your AAoA looks a little short. But you're going after a PC, not a new card.


If I were in your shoes, I'd do it. Of course though, I would be OK if they denied me. If you had a lot of spend with your Citi card, I think that would help.

Scores, HPs/24 mos. (updated 01/13/21):
    Experian FICO Score 8 = 828, 1/24
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   TransUnion = 811, 1/24
    Equifax = 813, 0/24

Total 2020 rewards, incl. offers/deals = $1,388.00

Total CL: $247,000

Cards (hover over for CL | interest rate | Date Opened):
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Re: Should I poke that bear?

@ChazzieT wrote:

Thanks @seattletravels , when you say "just did", how recently are we talking?

About 2 months. 

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