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Should I transfer 20,000 Thank You Points to True Blue1:1 ratio

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Re: Should I transfer 20,000 Thank You Points to True Blue1:1 ratio

It really depends on how often and how confident you will be able to use it in the next year. I usually try to keep 36k avios in my account for two single trips or 1 trip with a family member. Amex has been doing BA bonus annually for several years now, so there is a good chance the bonus will be back 2020, although nothing is for certain.


These avios (also AA miles) are especially good for late bookings (unlike skypesoes, lol). As the cash price typically are very costly for the dates within next 3 weeks, amount of miles for award booking, when seat is available (which usually is, at least for my routes), typically remains the same.

ᑭ⍶ndeᲠi८ ѠαԼԼεէ : ☕ Λlti-ၺ ☕▲B ⍟Ⲙilⅇⴑթ ✈☕թroթⅇl ⍟wſ -√ ⚕ᙪᙪ८
⛪✈☕⸿ⵢᖇ ⍟Ԑժᑭ ⍟८ſ ┊Ҩⵢ ☏८ſⴑ ⛽ෲթƧ/βiz ⛽iէ | ८✙ ┊❡olδ┊ↇᏨ⛪
⸨ꜷ ᐰmzn ᐰ√ ☏⸿i⸿┊⸿iⴑ ⚕ᙪᙪթ⸩ Ձ൦Ձ❶ ✢ᖇēẉαrժ✙, ſ-ſlⅇx

PⵢA: Wear a respirator (Π95, Кп95, ҞҒ94), period.
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Re: Should I transfer 20,000 Thank You Points to True Blue1:1 ratio

Seems like the DW wants either NYC, or Cali
So I did a bit more research and seems like Bos-jfk will be very inexpensive, 5k one way AA, also cheaper on jet blue. I have a gut feeling I shouldn't since I won't be traveling for so long and like said above hopefully I'll see another promotion to transfer by then. Plus I have to figure out what points get me the best value for hotels, and maybe car rentals. Thanks again.
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