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Shud I try CSP again next week??

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Re: Shud I try CSP again next week??

No I don't have any other travel cards, only cards I have is the one in my siggy. Since it is going to be a partially family business trip/vacation I will be purchasing 3 tickets roundtrip( me, my mom and my GF). Usually if I don't book early the flights usually get sold out...( we plan to travel nonstop flights only since its like $150 more)

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Re: Shud I try CSP again next week??

Well, you could go for it if that's the best scenario for you since you need to buy those tickets.

All of your accounts except your BofA is under 3 months old, so that is going to be to your disadvantage as well.


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Re: Shud I try CSP again next week??

With 5 new cards in 3 months, including Chase, I think your chances for approval would be slim. It would be better to wait.

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