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Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

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Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

I really liked my gold charge card at first, until I was FR'd back in Feb. They set a hard limit to 3k. At the time it was fine cus I wasnt spending that much, I was only pushing 2k. Now for the past 2 months I keep hitting the 3k limit and getting emails, please pay so that your card doesn't get declined. I have to keep making multiple monthy payments. This weekend I made 5 payments ( they don't even let me make multiple payments online) !!!! This is seriously crazy. All my family and friends have a 20-30 internal limit and they gave me a stupid 3k limit. I already surpassed the 30k spending and get an additional 15,000 bonus points. GOT THE EMAIL 2 DAYS AGO AND THEY SAID THEY GAVE IT TO ME BUT AS OF TODAY NO 15,000 BONUS POINTS.

Anyway I can't wait until I get back to NPSL, or at least a 10k hard limit.

Anybody have any experience with this ???

On a side note I have a chase bold for my business with 35k spending
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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

The bonus points are typically credited about a month after they "give" them to you. When I got my Zync, I had a spend some amount (I forget) and get 10k mrp's. I never got them, called and they said they would credit them to me. It took about one billing cycle. As for the limit, I don't know wha advice to give you on that 

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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

Pretty recently somebody was on here posting that he had his hard limit removed from his charge card, so it does happen.  If it hasn't happened after a year, I'd suggest calling Amex about it.  If you're really anxious about it, you could go ahead and call now and inquire about it.

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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

Really hopefully there is hope out there.
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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

Do you remember was it a year after FR or a year after having the card ??
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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

I believe the hard limit is removed after 1 year.  Mine was, and that tends to be the experience of most others.  AFAIK, Amex will not remove this earlier than 12 months.

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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold


One year from having the card or 1 year from the limit being placed. I got the card in Nov 2011, limit was placed Feb 2012.
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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

just out of curiosity, why did they FR you to begin with?


I just don't want to get FR'ed on my new Amex BCE revolver...

that would suck.



Best wishes!

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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

I don't think revolvers get Fr'd.... It was my spend habits. I ran like 300 first month, 1200 second, 8-9k third. 3rd month spent like 2k then paid spent again then paid balance was never over 3.5k at any given time. They saw the usage jump crzy and saw it as risky I see that now and understand now what I did wrong. Lets see hopefully they remove it so I can upgrade to a plat....
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Re: Sick and Tired of Amex Gold

Amex has an internal scoring system to measure risk. After your FR they likely concluded that they are willing to extend you upto 3,000.00 given your risk factors. Many different things make up what is considered risk, such as income, assets, employment history, credit score, baddies, utilization, AAoA, history with Amex, etc.


It's generally best to not rock the boat so to speak with Amex. They don't randomly place hard caps, it's done with reason.

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