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Simmons First Credit Card

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Re: Simmons First Credit Card

When I applied--many years ago--for their MC, I needed to fill out a two-page application.  Page one contained the basics, page two contained the assets and liablilties section.  I hope that you get approved.

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Re: Simmons First Credit Card

I started filling out the app for a Simmons card back in July.  I stopped after I felt it was asking for too much info. 
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Re: Simmons First Credit Card

To prospective applicants, I would recommend the online application instead of the printed version. It requires less information from the applicant.
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Re: Simmons First Credit Card

IMO they require too much information relative to their CL's. It used to be a very low APR - now a lower APR. However I already have some lower APR CC's and the lower APR's aren't of much use if you PIF. Anything I need to revolve now is either at 0% for nine months or 2.99% forever - can't really beat that!
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Re: Simmons First Credit Card

I dunno with these guys.  I had applied in July of 2009.  Kept checking daily for 2 weeks still - we are processing.  Sent an email about a month and half into it.  nothing.  4 months later still nothing.


I check my credit score today and saw they had inquired on my credit back in July - just told me nothing.  Log in today and it says I was declined.


Go figure, 791 credit score with 1% used of my limits.

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