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Simmons First visa platinum

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Simmons First visa platinum

I know this card has been discussed a few times before.  I'm further aware that they're pretty strict with credit limits, no rewards, and credit union cards in a lot of cases are still better.  Nevertheless, I'm curious if any of you have gotten approved for this card, and if so, for what limit? What was your credit profile like in terms of fico score, inquiries, number of credit accounts, limit on other accounts, etc?  Also, how good is their customer service? I understand they primarily pull Transunion, and are very sensitive to large limits on other accounts and recent inquiries.  I also understand that they typically want pay stubs and W2s for POI, and nearly perfect credit.  

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Re: Simmons First visa platinum

It might depend on where you live, There are based out of AR, where I live. I had several high limit cc and had no problem getting approved. The APR is very low, but you are correct the benefits are plain to say the least. My folks also have a cc with them and they pulled Ex for our approvals. They will verify your employment , but I never had to supply any paperwork. They will call and verify. And to get the lowest APR , you will need 760+ scores , that whats a local BM told me when I inquired about a BLOC. If you get in , they will make all their products available in the future.

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