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So HAPPY that I got DENIED for the Chase Freedom FU!

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Re: So HAPPY that I got DENIED for the Chase Freedom FU!

@sznthescore wrote:

LOL If it makes you happy, I love it! Smiley Happy

For me personally, I just can't stand Chase altogether.  The have blacklisted me like no other and I can't seem to figure out why. I've never had any credit relationship with them beside a checking account back in the day.  Went to open a checking account recently and there was nothing but RED notations on the screen all over the screen. I held my held high after the teller said there was nothing he could do for me and walked out the branch. I will NEVER get anything from them or backed by them...PERIOD. 

I feel that way about US Bank. In fact, their attempt to blacklist us over a  small account dispute not even worth $100 made us switch to our first credit union. But not all credit unions are alike either since we first tried to open an account with another credit union and they denied us based on the US Bank blacklist. Just criminal to do that to people. All just an attempt to bully people into compliance regardless of what is right or wrong.

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Re: So HAPPY that I got DENIED for the Chase Freedom FU!

Let's not stray too far from the OPs topic, please.

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Re: So HAPPY that I got DENIED for the Chase Freedom FU!

@acar3044 wrote:

Hey everyone,


So this may sound weird, but I was extremely happy to know I was denied for the Chase FU. To summarize my credit journey, I was unable to pay my CC's at the age of 20 in 2014. I was immature, naive, and 2 cards that I burned were from Chase. The Chase Slate and the Chase Freedom. My credit report is now clean after 7 years and decided to take a risk in applying for a Chase CC. I was given the 30-day message, I called Customer Service and they informed me that the reason for the denial was that my tradelines are not comparable to my old Chase Cards. My biggest limit is 1k right now since my Report just barely became clean and when I burnt Chase back then, my limit was around 2k. The CSR told me to get a card with a comparable limit and that I would have a great chance of approval. For reference, my FICO for Experian is 768. I was so happy to hear that since it sounds like I am no longer in the blacklist 😊. Just wanted to share my 2 cents!


I've haven't heard that reason for denial before.  1K and 2K doesn't seem to far apart, idk.

I'm happy to hear of your denial though! 😆

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