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So I finally got a credit score... (FAKO)

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Re: So I finally got a credit score... (FAKO)

G.L. let us know how it went.


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Re: So I finally got a credit score... (FAKO)

LS2982 wrote:

I definitely would not app for Chase. They are going to want 1 year of good history on at least 1 card.


I would go for Cap1 if anything.


I agree with LS here, I was barely able to get approved for the Chase Freedom with a 1 year 1 month history with Cap1, and by barely I mean it took 2 recons. I know you're itching, but I'm sure most of us would hate for you to burn an HP for nothing.


What I would suggest is get something you are almost certain to be approved for, once approved you can try your luck with something you listed. If you get denied, you'll know where you are with that creditor. 


I don't know, I'm a pessimist person, but with a 3 month AAoA, I just think it's difficult to get approved for Citi, Chase or Discover. But like Jamie said, there's certainly little harm to just burn an HP, some of us are just anal about it here. 


But no matter what you choose, good luck!

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