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So how well have I done after 10 months?

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Re: So how well have I done after 10 months?

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So in 10 months i've gone from zero credit at all to a target card with a 800 CL and now a WF card with a $2800 limit. FICO's are well over 700. I have zero late paymenets and zero negatives. 


Yes, I understand this is thin but curious how others have fared after this short of time? 


Current goals is to get a 3rd card under my belt and that would be a WF Propel. 

It seems like it wasn't very long ago you were posting about how frustrated you were with things and your cards not budging. Now, I am by no means trying to give you grief, just happy that it looks like you've had some success! It looks like your cards have seen some increases if I'm not mistaken? Sometimes it feels like the credit game is more waiting and formulating your next plan of attack more than anything else. Sometimes being stuck for a bit is an excuse to take time just to come up with a better plan for what is going to come next. Either way, congrats on your forward progress, and good luck with whatever comes next! Smiley Happy 

Yes, It was quite annoying then but it seems finally some movement. 


In some time WF Propel is on my list. Quite some time out. B&H Payboo maybe as well BUT I want the WF propel first. I also was denied for Sync Amazon some time ago so i don't have much hope to try again with Sync. 

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Re: So how well have I done after 10 months?

I should have posted my results in the Approval section.

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