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So sad, commence card is ending....

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Re: So sad, commence card is ending....

Finally got our letter today.

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Re: So sad, commence card is ending....

I closed mine before it even arrived in the mail.

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Re: So sad, commence card is ending....

I guess they must be doing this in waves.  I just got notification about this yesterday.  I already have the Cash Rewards card, so now I will have two?  My rewards card was obtained 6 years ago and my score at that time was not as good as it is now, so I have always had this account treated a little differently than it could have been.  Maybe this conversion will make it a more respected card from Barclays than the other.  I remember when I got the Sallae Mae card it had a nice high limit.  Getting luv from the rewards card was always harder, so maybe it will be best to replace the rewards card with a different product and keep this one?

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