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Solve My NFCU CC Problem

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Solve My NFCU CC Problem



Here is your challenge.  I love NFCU but have decided I am now all in on cash rewards and I currently have the wrong cards with Navy.  I have GoRewards.  (Opened 2/18, SL $3,200, CLI 5/18 to $9,600.  $20 in rewards earned/$50 needed to redeem. APR 14.49%).  AmEx (Opened 5/18, SL $15,000, APR 16.49%.  Insignificant numberr of MR). My EQ FICO9 is 760.  I want the CashRewards card with the highest possible SL and lowest possible APR. I am in the garden until June and thus would prefer to avoid new app, unless that is the best way of proceeding.  Here are my thoughts:


1.  App for CashRewards as a third card. Hope to get a healthy SL and the lowest APR supported by my profile.  Reallocate the limits from my AmEx card as needed.  I do not need or want 3 cards with Navy but dont want to lose total available CL. Advantage:  It gets me the CR card and I can probably reach the max $25k card limit by reallocating and closing AmEx.  Disadvantage:  Takes me out of garden, gives me another INQ, reduces my AAoA by 2 months and totally resets my AAYA.  


2.  Attempt to PC the AmEx to CR.  I know conventional wisdom says you can't PC from AmEx but we have at least 2 recent reports where that has been done, so maybe policy has changed.  I would forfeit approximately 500 MR points.  I pick the AmEx for the PC because I already have the ED and considering the CM with them.  I hate to give up the $20 in rewards I have on GoRewards but I need $50 to redeem and that will take some time.  Advantage:  Gets me to CR while in garden and no INQ or AAoA issues.  Would I keep the same APR at 16.49?  Disadvantage:  Gives me only a $15,000 CL, which frankly is more than I need, less than the 25K my ego says I deserve.  Possible CLI when I come out of garden?  Does PC reset the 6 month clock on CLI requests?


3.  New option that your expertise recomends?

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Re: Solve My NFCU CC Problem

Pass the time completing your rewards redemption then apply for the CR. This way gives you time to garden and better your odds at a great sl. You can always ask Navy to just close Amex and move that limit to CR .
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