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Sony Capital One Card Approved

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Re: Sony Capital One Card Approved

Just got approved for this card as well with FICO of 606! (Equifax from this site). I believe that the reason I got this card is while I have a lot of old derogs, I have CAPONE NO HASSLE REWARDS, BBRZMC, and HOUSEHOLD BANK rebuilder and all of them are paid on time, never late and low util and what I mean by low is 2 reported at $0 last month and one reported at $40 bucks. Limits $500, $500 and $400. I'm sure relationship with CAPONE played a part in approval as FICO is weak


Overall happy as I got a $500 limit and I'm sure I get credit steps and move up to $750. It has no annual fee so it costs me nothing but a good tradeline and also I can close crappy CREDIT ONE card as in October they will start charging me $12.95 maintenance fee and quite frankly I don't use it or need it, it was from my sub sub prime rebuilding time from last year.


Overall its another tradeline but now I will have 4 CAPONE tradelines so not sure how that will look to others down the road. As far as the SONY CARD..that will be my first Visa minus the Crappy Credit One of course and also first card with No Annual Fee. They got 0% till next year, but since I started rebuilding and learning how to use cards I don't really carry a balance. In-fact after the first purchase I get 5K points so that's another benefit.


Now does anyone know if I can get statement credit on point or have to choose a gift from the rewards section?

NFCU Visa Sig $30k / Amex Blue Cash $25.5k / Fidelity Amex $25k / Chase Freedom $14.5k / Citi Double Cash $5k / Capital One Quicksilver Visa Sig $5k / Citi Best Buy MC $3K / Barclay Rewards MC $2.95k / BOA - BBR $2.5k / SY Lowes $15k / SY Amazon $6k / Target RedCard - $300
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